Round Hill Highland Games
Pipe Band Competition

Sunday, June 25
Rain or Shine!


Pipe Band Competitions are sanctioned and monitored by Eastern United States Pipe Band Association (EUSPBA).
Band competition will be held for Grades 2 through 5, and for Drum Corp. Drum Corp is judged with band competition.
Pipe Bands must be registered members in good standing with EUSPBA, and all competing players must be on band roster.
Bands must participate in massed bands to receive awards.

Check-in at Secretary's Tent (opens at 8:00am).
Competition begins at 1:00pm on Center Field.

Click here for Pipe Band Competition Rules.
Click here for Pipe Band Waiver Form.

Tune Selection

Tune selection is based on EUSPBA rules of even/odd days:
    Odd Days:
    Grade 1 - Medley
    Grade 2 - March, Strathspey & Reel
    Grade 3 - Medley
    Grade 4 - Quick March
    Grade 5 - March Set 6-8 Parts
    Drum Corps - Judged as part of Band competitions
Competition Event Fees:
Grade 2$ 75
Grade 3$ 60
Grade 4$ 50
Grade 5$ 40
Drum Corps$ 25

All bands must be registered on or before June 16, 2017
On-line registration only - No Field Entries will be accepted.
All admission and entry fees must be in US currency and are non-refundable.
There will be no competition drawing.

Each band member must purchase admission ticket separately at the gate or on-line via Admissions link,
which includes admission to the Games for Competitor plus 1 non-competing guest.
The minimum number of players required by EUSPBA varies by grade:
Grade 2 requires minimum 12: 7 pipers, 3 snares, 1 tenor, 1 bass
Grade 3 requires minimum 10: 6 pipers, 2 snares, 1 tenor, 1 bass
Grade 4 requires minimum 9: 5 pipers, 2 snares, 1 tenor, 1 bass
Grade 5 requires minimum 8: 5 pipers, 2 snares, 1 bass

All competitors must wear gate entry wristband in order to compete.
Competitors wearing wristbands receive 10% discount on purchases with participating vendors.
A parent or legal guardian must accompany a child competitor under 18 years of age.

Pipe Band Competition Registration Form

Band Name

Secretary Name

Address 1
Address 2
Zip Code
Telephone Number

On-line payment can be made upon submitting your registration and following the link provided.
By clicking Submit you agree to the terms of the Waiver of Liability and Rules of Competition for your Pipe Band.

Round Hill Highland Games
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Rain or Shine!

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