Round Hill Clachan
Our Clan Village

There are no strangers at Round Hill Highland Games,
only friends or kin you have not yet met.
Come meet more friends and family at the Clan Village!

Rain or Shine!

Scottish Clans and Societies are an important part of Scottish culture and our Highland Games.
Clans and Scottish Societies gather to reunite their families and preserve their culture.
Each clan has its own proud heritage to pass on to future generations,
and to share with all who are interested in the grand history of the Scots.

Visitors are encouraged to trace their heritage at the clan tents.
Who knows? You might be related to William Wallace (known as Braveheart), Robert the Bruce,
Mary, Queen of Scots, or Jamie Fraser of Outlander fame!

A loan piper marches the clans onto Center Field to lead Opening Ceremonies.
March with your clan in the Clan Parade with banners proudly waving
and join in announcing your Clan Motto or War Cry as roll call is taken!

Children gather clan stamps on their Scottish Passports in order to win a prize!

Clans sponsor amateur tug-o-war teams at the Games.
Clan war cries are yelled as the teams pull, pull, pull to victory!
Adult can sign up as a team or individually to be put on a team.
Children are assigned to tug-o-war teams by age.

Scottish Country Dancing tent in the Clan Village encourages all to participate in lively reels.

Click here to register your Scottish Clan for our 93rd Annual Games
to be held Sunday, June 25, 2017

Round Hill Highland Games
at Lime Rock Park
60 White Hollow Road, Lakeville CT 06039

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