Highland Dance Competition

Sunday, June 26, 2016
Rain or Shine!


Check-In and Competition will take place at the Dancing Tent
(see Field Map for location)
Pre-Premier & Primary - 9:00am
Premier - 11:30am


Highland Dancers are judged by standards set by
the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing (SOBHD) formed in 1949,
recognized as the world governing body of Highland dancing.

To compete, a dancer must be registered with FUSTA at the regional level
and have obtained an SOBHD Worldwide registration card.

As adapted and adopted by the Federation of United States Teachers and Adjudicators (FUSTA) of Highland Dancing.
In this code, “participants” shall mean dancers, teachers, judges, parents, competition officials and organizers.

General Behavior
  • Participants will display honesty, fairness and equality of opportunity in all relationships.
  • Participants will not engage in behavior which undermines the status and esteem of highland dancing.
  • Participants will maintain a high standard of personal behavior with respect to dress, punctuality, preparation and contact with other participants.
  • Participants will recognize the authority of judges and other officials and treat them with courtesy.
  • Participants will treat all other participants with respect, whether successful in competition or not.
  • Participants will not discriminate between other participants on the grounds of sex, ethnic background, religion or ability.
  • Dancers will not be exposed to adverse public criticism.
  • Participants should respect the competence of teachers and judges and should not engage in public criticism.


    Dances will be performed in the following order:

    1. Scottish Lilt (4)
    2. Highland Fling (4)
    3. Sword Dance (2-1)
    4. Seann Triubhas (3-1)

    5. Flora (4)
    6. Highland Fling (4)
    7. Sword Dance (2-1)
    8. Seann Triubhas (3-1)

    9. Sailor's Hornpipe (4)
    10. Highland Fling (4)
    11. Sword Dance (2-1)
    12. Seann Triubhas (3-1)

    PRIMARY (age 6 and under)
    13. 16 Pas de Basque
    14. Pas de Basque / High Cuts (4x)
    15. Highland Fling (4)
    16. Sword Dance (2-1)

    PREMIER (ages 7 to 11)*
    17. Sailor's Hornpipe (5)
    18. Highland Fling (4)
    19. Sword Dance (2&1)
    20. Seann Triubhas (3-1)

    *All other Premier age groups will be determined by number of entries received.
    17. Sailor's Hornpipe (5)
    18. Highland Fling (6)
    19. Sword Dance (3&1)
    20. Seann Triubhas (4-2)

    Click here to view Highland Dancing Competition rules.

    Highland Dance Registration

    Registration includes complimentary 2-day admission to the Games, event entry fees and validation of FUSTA membership.
    All competitors must wear gate entry wristband in order to compete.
    Remittance is made to FUSTA Eastern Region for each registered competitor.

    To Register: Complete the Registration Form below and click the Submit button.
    Only On-Line Registration will be accepted.

    As this is a public event, a standard waiver of liability is required for all competitors.
    Download and print the Highland Dance Waiver Form.
    Signature of competitor or parent/legal guardian (if under 18 years of age) is required.

    Registration Fees are due on or before May 15, 2016.
    Pre-Premier and Primary - $20.00
    Premier - $30.00

    Late registrations may be accepted schedule permitting.
    Include Late fee of $10.00 if Registering after May 15, 2016.
    Late Registrations will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.

    Submit payment: Mail signed waiver of liability form together with Registration Fee
    to the Round Hill Highland Dancing Coordinator at the address below:

    Highland Dancing Coordinator
    Round Hill Highland Games
    PO Box 110468
    Trumbull CT 06611

    A parent or legal guardian must accompany a child competitor under 18 years of age.
    Parents may pre-pay gate admission with registration at discounted rate of $15 per adult.
    Gate admission on day of Games is $20.
    Pre-paid on-site parking at Lime Rock Park is $3. On-site parking on day of Games is $5.

    Check or money order should be made payable to "Round Hill Highland Games Inc."
    All fees must be in US currency.

    Highland Dance Registration Form

    Competitor #1             
    FUSTA #
    FUSTA Level
    Competitor #2
    FUSTA #
    FUSTA Level
    Competitor #3
    FUSTA #
    FUSTA Level

    Parent (Self if > 18 yrs)
    Address 1
    Address 2
    Zip Code
    Telephone Number

    Registrations Fees and Advance Tickets
    Primary ($20.00 each) $
    Pre-Premier ($20.00 each) $
    Premier ($30.00 each) $

    Late Fee ($10.00 each after May 15) $

    Adult Advance Ticket (2-day $15.00 each)
    # Tickets
    Total $

    Child/Senior Advance Ticket (2-day $8.00 each)
    # Tickets
    Total $

    On-site Parking ($3.00) $

    (Total Registration Fees and Ticket Purchases)
    By clicking Submit you agree to the terms of the Clan Waiver of Liability.

    Upon receipt of registration fee, you will be provided with a Letter of Admission via email.
    Print your Letter of Admission and present it at the Gate on day of Games to receive your admission wristband.
    Competitor Wristbands allow 10% discount on most purchases with participating Vendors.
    Photo identification may be required at Gate.

    Mailing Address:
    Highland Dancing Coordinator
    Round Hill Highland Games
    PO Box 110468
    Trumbull CT 06611

    If you have any questions, please email:
    Highland Dancing Coordinator

    Round Hill Highland Games
    at Lime Rock Park
    60 White Hollow Road, Lakeville CT 06039

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