Kilted Mile Run
on the track at Lime Rock Park
Sunday, June 25 11:00am

In the wild and mountainous Highland countryside, where no roads existed, by far the quickest means of communication was by a man running cross-country,
over brae and glen, hurdling obstacles and climbing mountain peaks.
Boulders, treacherous peat bogs and scree (swift-flowing burns or streams) were likely to slow down or even drown the most surefooted horse.

From the very earliest times, clan chieftains would arrange foot races to find the fastest man available for carrying messages, serving as the chieftain's personal envoy.
These races tested agility, fleetness of foot, endurance and stamina. Gatherings traditionally had marathon and sprint events.

The "Kilted Mile" is a Scottish version of a traditional one-mile track event. In this race, the runner runs the entire race while wearing a kilt.
The weight of the kilt adds a degree of challenge to this foot race.

Get your kilts ready and register below for the Kilted Mile Run to be held on the racetrack at Lime Rock!
This is one of the few races at Lime Rock that are on 2 feet instead of on 4 wheels!
There is no registration fee for this event. Participants must be 16 years of age or older.
Medals awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!

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Round Hill Highland Games
at Lime Rock Park
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