Drum Major Competition
Sunday, June 26, 2016

Drum Major Competitions are sanctioned and monitored by Eastern United States Pipe Band Association (EUSPBA).
To compete, a Drum Major must be a registered member in good standing with EUSPBA.

Amateur competition demonstrates proper marching techniques and basic mace commands.
Professional (Open) competition demonstrate a higher degree of proficiency in marching,
tempo and transition changes, and mace-handling techniques, particularly flourishes.

Competitors' performance will be evaluated in three major areas, in compliance with EUSPBA rules and regulations:
  • Inspection in ranks, including position of attention and appearance of uniform.
  • Deportment, Marching and Execution, based on a 6/8 march or quick march, including precision of movement and tempo.
  • Mace Drill, including mace walk/state walk, and executed mace commands.

    The Drum Major's mace is a marching stick used to give visual commands to the marching pipe band.
    The mace is used for halts, marking time, wheels and to stop music at the end of tunes,
    and is usually flourished (tossed) in professional (open) competition.
    The Drum Major raises the mace with his right hand on roll-off and lowers it on step-off.

    The shaft is commonly made of Malacca cane from the rattan palm trees in southern India or Malayasia,
    which is harvested after 6-15 years of growth in the rain forest. This solid vine is one of the strongest timbers known,
    the wood being durable yet light. The length of the cane is shoulder height, between 54” to 60”,
    and the shaft is about one inch thick.

    The cane is usually topped with a beautifully engraved sterling silver head or ball of Scottish design,
    or it may be topped with a metal finial like a rampant lion or crown. There might also be a crown collar
    and/or a chain collar.

    An embossed, tapered, cylindrical, plated ferrule (metal end cap) protects the bottom of the cane.
    The body of the mace might be fitted with a decorative chain strapping or cord to remind of the original use.

    The Drum Major’s mace originated from the medieval weapon with the same name but which had a shorter handle.
    This formidable weapon wielded a spiked head attached by a chain to a wooden handle.

    A custom in medieval times was for a bodyguard with a mace to precede an official entering and leaving the room
    when taking office or opening court. Since the 16th century, the mace has been a symbol of a distinguished member
    of an office. Smaller versions of the mace were carried by British Officers during WWI as symbols of authority.

    Drum Major Competition begins at 9:00am on Center Field

    Click here for Drum Major Competition Registration Form

    Awards & Trophies

  • Amateur Drum Major - 1st, 2nd, 3rd Medals
  • Open Drum Major - $50

    Click here for Drum Major Competition Rules.

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