Pipe Band Winners

EUSPBA Competition Results
July 2, 2005

Pipe Band Grade III

March, Strathspey & Reel
Judges: Piping - John Wassman, James E. Stack; Ensemble - Charles C. Murdoch; Drumming - Norman J. McLeod

1st - Bergen Irish Pipe Band (1-2-1-1)
2nd - Inis Fada Gaelic Pipe Band Grade 3(2-1-2-2)

Pipe Band Grade V

Quick March Medley
Judges: Piping - Nancy C. Tunnicliffe, Lezlie Paterson Webster; Ensemble - John L. Bottomley; Drumming - Norman J. MacLeod

1st - American Celtic Pipe Band (1-1-2-3)
2nd - South Park & District Pipe Band (2-2-1-2)
3rd - Inis Fada Gaelic Band Grade 5 (3-3-3-1)

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