Children's Events
2005 Winners

Dash to Dundee - 50yds

Girls 5-6
Chloe Dixon
Katie Rose Manning
Skylar Dibb
Boys 5-6
Jack Figenshaw
Jake Lavery
David DiFabio
Girls 7-8
Megan Davis
Anna Pirrie
Haleigh Gibb
Boys 7-8
Jack House
Nicholas DiFabio
Connor Fitton
Girls 9-10
Emily Watson
Lena Cosek
Sarah Laird
Boys 9-10
Angus Warner
Alec MacDonald
Chris Constantini
Girls 11-12
Grace House
Gabrielle House
Brianna Halliday
Boys 11-12
Graham Stewart
Joe Figenshaw
Tom Starkey
Girls 13-14
Katie Starkey
Gabrielle House
Sarah Laird
Boys 13-14
James Hurwitz
Sean Davis
Andrew Potrapko

Duntrune 3-Legged Race

First Heat
1st Place - Liz & Gary Manning
2nd Place - Elaine & Allison Miller

Second Heat
1st Place - Madeline & Ray Dunn
2nd Place - Katie & Chris Miller

Bannockburn Clog Race

First Heat
1st Place - Mimi & Callie Dunn
2nd Place - Fiona Ball & Mr. Ball

Second Heat
1st Place - Chris Johnson & Bill Popovich
2nd Place - Bryce & Bruce Walker

Third Heat
1st Place - Billy Schmidt & Frank Kurzatkowski
2nd Place - Ciara & Owen O’Malley

Fourth Heat
1st Place - Joe Ryan & Hank Fisher
2nd Place - Branden & Rianna Gibb

William Wallace Freedom Race

Ages 5-6
1st Place - Danny Manning
2nd Place - Megan Davis

Ages 7-9
1st Place - Ciara O’Malley
2nd Place - Craig Manning


1st Place Team - Joseph Ryan, Kenny Manning, Nicholas DiFabio,
PJ Mignani, Edward Gibson, Michelle Holland, Camron Mitchell

2nd Place Team - Logan Raymond, Ewan Ball, Jessica Ramistella,
Griffin Noyer, Claire Noyes, Samantha Valenti, Josh Jeter

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