Children's Sports
2006 Winners

Dash to Dundee - 50yds

Girls 5-6
Katie Rose Manning
Megan O'Donnell
Clancy Maloney
Boys 5-6
Logan Raymond
Matthew Valengi
Ian Darling
Girls 7-8
Emily Norris
Rachel Knight
Boys 7-8
Jake Lavery
Gabriel Rainey
Girls 9-10
Erin Malone
Amber Kitay
Haleigh Gibb
Boys 9-10
Angus Warner
Jack House
John Morrison
Girls 11-12
Gabrielle House
Madeleine Dunn
Mimi Dunn
Boys 11-12
Julian Peck
Ryan Wohbert
Craig Manning
Girls 13-14
Grace House
Brianna Halliday
Boys 13-14
Taylor Malone
Jeff Peck
PJ Mignani

Duntrune 3-Legged Race

1st Place - Madeleine & Raymond Dunn
2nd Place - Haleigh & Brandon Gibb

Bannockburn Clog Race

First Heat
1st Place - Ryan & John Gibb
2nd Place - Andrew DeFreitas & Jason Carr

Second Heat
1st Place - Logan & Ed Raymond
2nd Place - Jeff & Caelan Samson

Third Heat
1st Place - Mia & Philip Malloy
2nd Place - Don & Bill Maloney

William Wallace Freedom Race

First Heat (5 and under)
1st Place - Luke Kiiser
2nd Place - Adriaan Schaafsman

Second Heat (Ages 6-9)
1st Place - Tory Hoffmeister
2nd Place - Andrew Hoffmeister


1st Place Team - Clan MacFarlane - Loch Sloy!
Alex DeFreitas, Mia Malloy, David DiFabio, James Mungai
Logan Raymond, EJ Radcliffe, Teige O’Callaghan

2nd Place Team - Clan Malcolm - Defend Duntrune!
Robbie Foley, Skyler Radcliffe, Clancy Maloney
Grace O’Callaghan, Andrew Korber, Tre Thompson, PJ Mignani

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