Clan of the Day
2005 Winner

The 2005 Round Hill Clan of the Day Award was presented jointly to:

Clans Gunn and Forsyth

for their presentation at their joint clan tent,
and their high level of enthusiasm and participation.

Congratulations Jane and Richard Platt!

Forsyth/Gunn Clan Tent 


Clan Gunn descends originally from the Norse invaders who settled first in the Orkneys and Caithness. They mingled with the local population, spoke Gaelic and became thoroughly Scottish. They were a warlike group in their early years, continually feuding with neighboring clans. The Gunn Clan has no recognized Chief, but is headed by a Commander, Iain Alexander Gunn of Banniskirk, a resident of Lybster, Caithness. The Clan Gunn motto is, “Either peace or war.”


Clan Forsyth is a name clan, having no septs, its name meaning “man of peace.” It was a recognized clan with its own Chief by the 16th century. However, records were lost at the time of Oliver Cromwell and it was necessary to re-register, which the Chief failed to do. Thus, for 300 years there was no Chief and no Clan. But the worldwide spread of people bearing the name resulted in the Clan being reconstituted in recent years. The Chief is Alistair Forsyth of Ilk, who lives in Australia. The clan motto is, “Rebuilder of the Ruins.”

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