Clan of the Day
2006 Winner

The 2006 Round Hill Clan of the Day Award was presented to:

Clan MacLeod

for the best tent presentation
and the most welcoming front to visitors.

Congratulations Kevin MacAulay!

MacLeod Clan Tent 


The progenitor of the MacLeods was Leod, younger son of Olaf the Black, one of the last Norse Kings of Man and the Isles. Leod inherited Lewis and Harris along with parts of Skye on his father’s death in 1237. Through marriage to the Norse seneschal of Skye, the family acquired Dunvegan Castle, which remains in the family to this day. The Clan consists of two main branches: the MacLeods of Lewis descend from Leod’s son Torquil, while the MacLeods of Harris and Skye descend from another son, Tormod. The Clan motto is, “Hold Fast.”

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