Clan of the Day
2007 Winner

The 2007 Round Hill Clan of the Day Award was presented to:

Clan MacDuff

for the best tent decoration
and the most clan information.

Congratulations Carl & Jane Robitaille!

MacDuff Clan Tent 


The MacDuffs are an ancient clan with roots going back to the German Catti tribe who migrated to Caithness, Pictland, to fight off the Roman invaders. The clan name in Gaelic is Dubh, meaning “black”, referring to the dark hair and complexion inherited from these German ancestors. The MacDuffs are of royal heritage, descending from Queen Gruoch of MacBeth fame, dating 1039-1057AD, and were the most powerful family in Fife in the medieval ages. John Paul Jones was a member of this clan. The clan seat is at Wemyss, and the motto is “God Assists”. The MacDuff clan badge shows a rampant lion holding a dagger.

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