Amateur Sports
2007 Winners

Running Races

Edinburgh Royal Mile
Brendhan Naude
John Dropick
Travis Nelson
Inverness 880
Daniel Cerasale
Brendhan Naude
Nora Hanna
Firth of Forth 440
Billy Campbell
Brendhan Naude
Steve Walker
Aberdeen 220 Dash
Billy Campbell
Danny Bull
Brendhan Naude
Stirling Sprint - 100yds
Billy Campbell
Brendhan Naude
Stuart Craig

Adult Tug-O-War

1st Place Team - Clan Munro - Foulis Ablaze!
Tom Moore, Kevin O’Neill, Kevin Dooley, Jason Munro,
Jessica Dowling, Katie Munro, Jennifer Mattice

2nd Place Team - Nutmeg Connections
Sean Mayne, Britt Bisson, Ed Raymond, Bill Maloney,
Chris Conley, Ben Hawkins, Billy Siciliano

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